Our technology has been built to support large volume supply channels specifically for API or SDK integration needs. Curate Mobile’s fully customizable reporting platform and integration documentation along with support from our team helps our partner’s complete integration without delay.

For all partners looking to support their monetization strategy through our self-managed platform, we offer a comprehensive UI that provides our partners with install and post-install data to help those partners optimize their media accordingly to scale their campaigns.

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Our partner managers are here to support your business. There is nothing more relevant and important to this business than getting the right campaign recommendations for growth and having someone you can trust and access in near real-time to find the answers you are looking for. We're here to help and we are excited to see your business grow with Curate.


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We are founded, funded, and operated by industry veterans. This is reflected in our ever-growing network of technology and distribution partners. With strong access to global inventory and comprehensive media expertise, we are uniquely positioned to drive the expansion of your mobile user base, whether in the US, China, Brazil, or anywhere in between.

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