Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Our Third Party technology evaluates the quality and consistency of mobile traffic in advertising campaigns (CPC, CPI, CPA, etc). Also, it helps to investigate issues with low quality traffic, giving a report as an independent expert. Our real-time reporting evaluates traffic in many dimensions by taking into consideration mobile-specific parameters: emulators, install-bot farms, device-spoofing, proxy unmasking, etc.

Fraud Reporter

Granular reporting on every conversion with fraud score and additional data (sub-IDs, IDFAs, etc).


Measuring conversions in real time using an industry leading platform that protects our clients against mobile ad fraud. Using many different algorithms, we can detect and analyze fraudulent app installs.

Fraud Eliminator

Automated rules for detecting and blocking all non-human traffic (hijacked devices, proxies, emulators, etc.)

Fraud Inspector

Full retrospective analysis: checking the ad campaign conversions by cohorts, determining the patterns and scenarios such as Time to Install.


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